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Ashley's Sweet ​Beginnings

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Cake Flavors

Vanilla/ Chocolate/ Carrot with or without walnuts/ Lemon/ Almond/ Red Velvet/ Strawberry/ Marble/ White


Raspberry Jam / Lemon Jam / Apricot Jam 

Vanilla Buttercream/ Chocolate Buttercream/ Peanut Butter Buttercream/ Caramel Buttercream/ Cookies & Cream Buttercream/ Butterscotch Buttercream/ Strawberry buttercream/ Raspberry Buttercream/ Blueberry Buttercream/ Cinnamon Buttercream/ White Chocolate Buttercream/ Mint Buttercream/ Lemon Buttercream 

Chocolate Mousse/ Raspberry Mousse/ Lemon Mousse/ Strawberry Mousse

Pastry Cream/ Cream Cheese/ Chocolate Ganache/ Whipped Cream/ Chocolate Bavarian Cream/ Fresh Strawberry/ Fresh Mixed Berries


Vanilla Buttercream / Chocolate Buttercream /Peanut Butter Buttercream/ Caramel Buttercream/ Strawberry buttercream/ Blueberry Buttercream/ Lemon Buttercream/ Chocolate Ganache/ Cream Cheese/ Sugar Cookie/ White Chocolate Buttercream/ Vanilla Fondant

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Ashley Cakes - Perfect for a Personal Sized Treat!

6" Cake - Serves 8-10 Guests

8" Cake - Serves 10-14 Guests

10" Cake - Serves 15-30 Guests

12" Cake - Serves 30-56 Guests

1/4 Sheet Cake - Serves 25 Guests

1/2 Sheet Cake - Serves 50 Guests

Full Sheet Cake - Serves 100 Guests

Multi Tiered Cake Available - Minimum 25 Servings! 

*Please either call or come to bakery to order Tiered Cakes *